Why Some Christans Are Poor – RCCG’s Pastor Bello Reveals


Why Some Christans Are Poor – RCCG’s Pastor Bello Reveals

A Pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Solomon Bello gave reasons on Wednesday at a summit of the Redeemers Men’s Fellowship of the LP71, Divine Connection Zone.

The Pastor in Charge of RCCG Lagos Province 71 stated that prosperity is “a birthright of Christians while poverty is a curse”.

The cleric insisted that poverty is not for any true child of God and that those who continue to sin against God will struggle.

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) lecturer listed the major factors that cause poverty: sin, laziness, curses, ingratitude, devourer, extravagance, and procrastination.

“Cursed and blessings are the results of the obedience or lack of it on the part of a man”, NAN quoted him saying.

Citing the Bible, Bello said poverty was a curse, the resultant effect of man’s separation from God in the Garden of Eden.

He warned against procrastination, adding that devourers had also been assigned against people who do not pay tithes.

For prosperity, Bello mentioned eleven steps that can help people to succeed.

These are wisdom, diligence, labour, mystery of giving, the way of thinking, anointing, obedience, natural gifts and endowments, blessing of right placement, praises, and breakthrough by the blood.

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