This generation has made love look so hard with the high rate of infidelity – Actress Beverly Osu


This generation has made love look so hard with the high rate of infidelity – Actress Beverly Osu

Reality TV star, actress and model, Beverly Osu, has bewailed the rate at which infidelity has been normalized in relationships and marriages today.

In a recent chat with Vanguard Newspaper, the 30-year-old thespian while speaking on why she’s still single, said this generation has made relationships look cumbersome with the way they cheat on their spouses.

According to her, she’s not cut out for such relationships which explains why she’s not in a serious relationship at the moment. She however stated that she’s open to love if she meets a good partner. She said, “This generation is making love look so hard with che@ting here and there. These days, cheating is now a norm. For me, I can’t. Maybe because I am old school but I can’t.

I just want to love and have a companion. But so far, I am so single. I think this is the longest that I have been single. And I am open to love. The next man I date, I am going to expose him on social media so that I will know the fate of the relationship early enough. Maybe he is dating over 5 girls in this Lagos, you never can tell.”

On why she’s not married, Beverly said, “If dem come marry me, I go go naw. Sincerely, there was a time I used dream about weddings. I see my wedding dress but now I don’t see anything. I just want to live and of course pray to God that I don’t breed children out of wedlock because I want to be under a family. A unit. I always say this to my friends and family, I am not emotionally strong to be a baby mama. I can’t do it all by myself.

I know I have supportive system; I have friends, I have family that would be there. But I can’t do that. In a case where it happens, then the child would be in his father’s house. I know they say when you have the child, then you know better, but I tell you, if that happens the child will be in his or her father’s house. That’s why I want to try my best to do it the right way; marriage. And I love love. I want to be in love and obsessed with my family; my partner. We give birth and breed the child together.”

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