Sowore kicks as INEC raises concerns over 2023 elections


Sowore kicks as INEC raises concerns over 2023 elections

Omoyele Sowore made this known while stating his position on the statement released by inec, in an interview with sunrise daily channels tv. There is always a conspiracy against democracy in this country, he said.

“We had a meeting as party leaders with security agencies in the country at the IG’s office a few weeks ago and we did raise this issue but they as usual downplayed it.

“What has happened to Nigeria this year is that Nigeria has failed successfully in the security area. We found out that a lot of non-state actors are in control of territory.

“They deactivate the public interest in elections. There is always a secret agenda in every electioneering cycle. There have been rumors to have an interim government and now INEC is coming out to say the election may not hold as planned because of security issues.

“We have always known we have a security issue but having pushed Nigerians into a point where everybody is now ready for an election and now saying in a few days to the election that it won’t go as planned is basically to make people lose interest in the election itself.”

He said the ruling class have other plans not for the sake of Nigerians but their personal interests.

“The Nigerian presidential election has always been postponed for one reason or another, but this time around, I see no reason why the election should be postponed. Inec should be well prepared by now because. It is 46 days until the election. The election should go on as planned unless there is something beneath that has not been told to the public.”

He said there is more to this than the media eyes.
Proffering solutions to the security issue he said, “There is a problem of militancy, that is why we can’t sell more than a million barrels of crude on a daily basis. There is a problem of agitation for nationhood in the southwest and southeast, banditry in the northeast, terrorism in the northwest and above all, there is also governmental terrorism sprouting from the ideal of killing people who participate in peaceful protests.”

He said he will look at all these areas as the president of Nigeria and bring out what will fit each peculiar security challenge.

“For southwest it will be dialogue, for the bandits it will be stick. For the militants it will be further dialogue on how to fix their environment and the issue that is making this militancy come together.”

He said, without solving the socio-economic problem of the people, we can’t get the kind of security that will be needed.

“The damage done by the government to its citizens is what we are reaping from. If you have done justice to the southeast after the civil war nobody would be agitating for biafra.

The AAC presidential candidate said leadership must be applied in solving the dislocation in the society. He also said any kind of terrorism that lasts more than 10 years requires more than shooting at people.

Speaking on his ambition, Omoyele Sowore said his political party led the transformational and innovative style of campaign. There are multidimensional ways of campaigning and that’s what his party has engaged in.

He also said the media doesn’t cover them as they do to other ‘bigpockets’.
He said he is relying on the people.

“We are bringing ideas to bear on a political process. I am sure ideas would win one day in this country.

“Nigeria has a foundational problems that is why people are asking for restructuring. Nigeria is about to tip over if drastic decisions are not taken, Sowore said while addressing the issue of decision making as the president.

“Creating a brand new constitution that will take into consideration, cutting down the governance by getting rid of the senate, right people would be put in charge of security and his government will aggressively pursue electricity.

“Within my few days in office, I want to sign contracts to put this country out of darkness and that would be by generating twenty thousand megawatts of electricity, he said.”

To put people out of poverty, we have to industrialize and produce, to produce we must have electricity. It is impossible to experience the industrial revolution without electricity. The rest with infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture to feed the nation would be adequately pursued and attained.

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