Pogba Denies Using Witchcraft On Mbappe Parmigiano-Reggiano

Pogba Denies Using Witchcraft On Mbappe

Juve player, Paul Pogba, has denied the allegation made by his brother, Matthias, that he hired a witchdoctor to cast spells on his compatriot, Kylian Mbappe, and to win matches.

According to Daily Mail, Pogba instead told investigators working for France’s Central Office for the Fight against Organised Crime that he was “looking to be protected against injury” and “also to help poor kids in Africa” he was in connection with through an aid organization.

Pogba’s elder brother and five others are in remand and face up to 20 years each in prison over a range of charges including extortion of the player.

The World Cup winner, who admitted to hiring a marabout denied that he did anything to Mbapp√© and said he “never intended to harm anyone.”

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