Pastor Laments ‘Level of Nakedness’ In Weddings


Pastor Laments ‘Level of Nakedness’ In Weddings

Relationship coach and counsellor, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, has decried the high rate of nakedness at weddings lately.

He wrote on his Twitter page on Saturday, “Is it just me or is the level of nakedness at weddings these days way too much? I’m not talking about guests but the bride and train or should I call them trailer. Nakedness is not classy.”

He added that while men were fully dressed, women barely had anything on.

“I notice the men wear suits, even three piece but the women wear handkerchiefs, as in the slits have minor dresses on them.

“If the future mothers are this immodest, then I’m afraid for the future daughters,” Okonkwo said.

The cleric added, “Being a wife and being a woman used to come with so much grace and class. Weddings used to be the best place to see beautiful eligible brides to be.”


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