[Opinion] Boom! Another Political Bombshell

Justice-godfrey Okamgba

A Nigerian Minister in an interview with the Punch said: ”I didn’t join politics because I wanted to be a leader or because I wanted to solve Nigeria’s problems. I joined because of unemployment. I also, believe there is a part that grace played in it.”

Some people still think politics in Nigeria is a call to service. I’m sorry, it is not. It is just like a sector in the Nigerian economy. The same way we have Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Telecoms (ICT) Education, etc., that’s the same way we have Politics. It is the worst-performing sector.

For instance, the ICT sector contributes 13.85% to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Q2 2019. Oil & Gas pegs at 8.8%, all in the same quarter. But I still don’t know what the ”Political Sector ” has contributed. It’s time time to dig deeper, probably the National Bureau of Statistics omitted some key information. They should let us know how Politics in Nigeria has helped the economy.

Honestly, in a civilized society, this singular statement could have earned Rotimi Amaechi (Minister of Transport) an outright sack within 24 hours. To worsen this situation, some NIGERIANS will hail him as a hero, or brave politician speaking the truth.

Last year, one of the most shocking stories we heard was about the missing N36 million in the custody of JAMB. A snake was accused of stealing that huge sum. How about the Former BAUCHI Governor who allegedly spent N2.3 Billion to buy materials just for burials? As if these ridiculous stories were not enough; the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT now spends N679m daily on feeding school children at home, according to available reports. These are unbelievable and terrible stories.

It’s time for us to have a rethink. We must not be pointing fingers at President Buhari alone. How about your Governor and Lawmakers? The Minister and other Captains Of Industries? Even your LOCAL GOVERNMENT Area Chairman is a problem.

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