Northern Group Explains Why Badaru Deserves to be the Next President


Northern Group Explains Why Badaru Deserves to be the Next President

A group under the auspices of the Nothern Nigeria Progressive Political Movement said the current jigawa state governor Mohammed Badaru Abubakar is most deserving to be the successor of President Muhammadu Buhari come 2023.

According to the group who disclosed this in a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja, Mr. Badaru coming from the private sector with vast experience in managing the economy, and with his track record especially his administration in Jigawa state is enough for Nigerians to support him.

Also, the role he played at the national level in the two committees he managed as the Chairman, Presidential Committee on Fertilizer, and also the Chairman, Presidential Committee on Nonoil Revenue, prove his capacity as a leader with vision.

In Jigawa state his fight against corruption, prudence, and value for money have earned him a name (Baba Mai Calculator), and Nigeria now more than ever needs a candidate who has zero tolerance for corruption with a political will to guard the resources of Nigerian.

The statement said Governor Badaru’s achievements in the areas of financial management, economic empowerment, agriculture, health, education, and infrastructure speak volumes of his capabilities as a leader.

“Through a unique program called the cluster farming, Governor Badaru was able to make Jigawa state the top producer of sesame in Nigeria, a top producer of rice, and a top producer of hibiscus in Nigeria.

“In the area of empowerment Governor Badaru rolled out empowerment programs targeted at uplifting a critical mass of the Jigawa people, majorly women, youth, and other vulnerable groups, from the entrapment of poverty, about 162,064 people have benefitted from such initiatives.

“In the area of infrastructure in Jigawa state, Mr. Badaru has undertaken the construction of 93 roads, measuring 1,594.65km, out of which 716.5km were inherited from the previous administration at various levels of completion, and another 878.15km were awarded between 2016 and May 29, 2021.

“in the area of education in Jigawa state, 348 additional primary schools were established, 142 additional junior secondary schools were established, 570 primary schools were upgraded and designated as effective schools, 1393 qualified teachers were recruited to increase the quality of learning, 243 Motorcycles were purchased, and distributed to inspectors for school monitoring, to mention a few achievements.

“Provision of water supply which is a key area of livelihood has been the priority of governor Badaru’s administration and this has earned the state the second only after Lagos in the country in the provision of potable water to communities, which can be verified with UNICEF.

“At present Jigawa state remains the most peaceful state in Nigeria despite bordering states that have in recent times faced challenges of insecurity, and this is not unconnected to Mr. Badaru’s skill in managing people and running a government that is all-inclusive.” the statement said.

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