Nollywood Star, Hank Anuku Needs Help Actress Cries Out


Nollywood Star, Hank Anuku Needs Help Actress Cries Out

Nollywood actress, Adanma Luke, has cried out over the mental health condition of her older colleague, Hank Anuku and requested help for him.

She said this via her Instagram story on Monday.

A video of a man, believed to be Anuku, wandering the streets in tattered clothes went viral on Monday, sparking rumours that he is mentally ill.

However, another actress, Shan George, in a video of herself and Anuku hours later dismissed the claims.

Faulting George’s assertion, Luke went on to say that Anuku is not well and their colleagues should help him instead of covering up.

She said, “Please you all Nollywood ‘peeps’ should stop with the lies when you know the truth. He isn’t okay so let him get help now that the world knows. Stop with the cover up, if he was your blood you would have helped but now that the world is about to find out the truth you all try to hide it. Hank isn’t okay so let’s allow him get help now before it’s too late.”


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