Nigerian Teacher Develops World’s Most Helpful and Engaged Teachers’ Community, Wins Facebook Award.

Nigerian Teacher Develops World’s Most Helpful and Engaged Teachers’ Community, Wins Facebook Award.

An outstanding Nigerian teacher, Dr Peter Ogudoro was announced today by Facebook as one of the world’s amazing virtual community managers. He developed the world’s most helpful and engaged educators’ platform called Nigerian Teachers which is providing free continuous professional development opportunities to teachers in the world.

The ingenious online teacher-training and attitude-modification platform for teachers has over two hundred and forty thousand teachers from around the world. The platform is a peer-support community for teachers who use the platform to follow trends in teaching, classroom management, and school leadership. Parents also use the platform to learn effective parenting styles that enable them to collaborate with teachers for global competitiveness of young people. Membership of the community is free.

This award by Facebook makes Dr Ogudoro a member of the multinational corporation’s elite group of 131 outstanding community managers in the world currently benefitting from its Community Accelerator programme. The awardees are currently receiving resource support from Facebook to scale their operations and promote engagement within their communities for a better world. The Community Accelerator Programme has been designed to guarantee about one year of sustained support for the award winners’ communities by Facebook.

Dr Peter Ogudoro created the group in year 2016 as a positive response to the frustration he experienced while trying to get education policy makers in Nigeria to adopt and promote learner-centred approaches to teaching and effective career management systems that could save the country Billions of dollars and make Nigeria a net exporter of educational services.

Dr Peter Ogudoro is an alumnus of the University of Reading in the United Kingdom where he earned a PhD in Education with emphasis on Career Management, Attitude Modification, and Diffusion of Innovations in Education.

He has benefitted from elite education development experiences at over ten research-intensive institutions across the world including Universities of Oxford, Sheffield, and Cambridge in the UK, Henley Business School in England, National University of Science and Technology, Norway,, Johannes Kepler University, Austria, JustEd, Finland, and Austria’s Centre for Innovation in Education.

Dr Ogudoro has been an active player in the education industry for over three decades and has self-published books such as Success Mindset, and Right Thinking Right Actions on Amazon. Springer, Switzerland, one of the world’s top Publishers recently published “Storied Doctorates”, a book he cowrote with his colleagues in Cambridge University and some other research-intensive universities in the world to help doctoral researchers in Education with ideas on how to study for their PhDs in Education stress-free.

His education and professional development cut across several disciplines including Political Science, Guidance and Counselling, Communication for Innovation and Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Broadcasting, Research, and Human Resources Management.

In a Media Release in Lagos, Nigeria, Dr Peter Ogudoro expressed gratitude to Facebook for the Award, and revealed that he is scaling up the platform to help governments around the world to train and retrain teachers for globally competitive education that can deliver the pace of development that will banish poverty, and guarantee a more inclusive, prosperous, and harmonious world.

He is excited about the fact that a powerful tool for the promotion of functional education in the world has come from Nigeria, a country that has been facing enormous development challenges for decades. The award will provide him the platform for a one-month learning tour of the Scandinavian countries including Finland with focus on their education system.

The objective is provision of the intellectual tools that will help Nigeria and the rest of the developing world achieve the demographic dividends they need to lift millions of their citizens out of poverty within the next few years through result-oriented pedagogy.

He has dedicated the award to Professor Naz Rassool, the University of Reading Academic who supervised his doctoral training in England for the incredible support she gave him during his PhD research.

The platform is at for teachers and parents desirous of giving their students and children globally competitive education stress-free.

Further information on the Award is obtainable from Dr Peter Ogudoro, telephone +2349069603692, Email:

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