Missing Anambra Billionaire Body, Found Dead and Body Dismembered.

Officers of the Nigeria Police, acting on the directives of Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 2, AIG Ahmed Iliyasu, have arrested 4 suspects in connection for the gruesome murder of Anambra State billionaire and owner of Fireman Generators Chief Ignatius Odunukwe popularly known as IG. His body was found, chopped into pieces and dumped inside the forest. 


According to reports, The billionaire IG Odunukwe was declared missing since first week of December 2019 unknown that he was kidnapped and murdered by criminals pretending to be real estate buyers, on the disguise of false pretense to buy the property which the billionaire had put up for sale for 900M in Abuja.


Deceased Chief Ignatius Odunukwe


The billionaire was killed, cut into pieces and his body packed into a ”Ghana Must Go” bag then the murderers took his body to the expressway and dumped inside a forest.



Arinze, Solomon, Cletus and Daniel Ibeaju who murdered Chief Ignatius Odunukwe

The suspects who identified themselves as Arinze, Solomon, Cletus and Daniel Ibeaju took turns to confirm that the body in the bag belongs to the missing businessman who they killed and dumped inside the forest.

Ghana Must Go Bag Containing Remains of Chief Ignatius Odunukwe

The 4 men gang played their role to deceived and lured Chief Odunukwe via phone call to a scheduled meeting place, they agreed on a price and the agreements for the purchase was drafted by IG lawyer, the duo parties agreed to meet on an agreed date to finalize the sales and sign documents.


On the date of the meeting, Chief Odunukwe’s lawyers suggested going with him for the signing but he declined and told him he needs to see someone at Ikoyi club hence that was the last time they saw him or were able to reach him as he was incommunicado.


The family of the billionaire became worried when their bread winner didn’t come back home and he was unreachable then members of his family reported the incident to the police while a swift investigation commence about his whereabouts by detectives.


The Police tracked his last dialed numbers and received call with location and was able to arrest one suspect whose number was tracked on IG phone. The police searched his house, then saw the signed copy of the original land documents.


The suspect claimed he already finalized the deal and paid the billionaire but when the police asked him to provide the bank account where he paid, he claimed that he paid with gold.


That was when the police knew he was telling lie. He was further investigated and remanded in prison custody.
Few days later, there was a break through in the case and the police arrested two more men.


The men was tortured and they confessed to have murdered the billionaire and dismembered is body in a bag and thew it along the road.


“we picked up the billionaire and forced him to sign the documents. we killed him, cut his body into pieces and packed the parts into a Ghana Must Go bag and dumped it inside a forest in Badagry expressway.”


In a viral video evidence, one of the policemen explained: “This is the gruesome murder of Chief Ignatius Odunukwe. This act was planned and hatched by a gang led by Daniel Ibeaju from Enugu State. It is very unfortunate. The AIG Ahmed Ilyasu has directed us to recover this corpse and take it down to the hospital. The investigation will continue and the outcome will be made known to the public.”


On January 16th 2020, the police took the man’s family and the criminals to the forest where they retrieved the bag. The Police men recovered the body of the billionaire then put a call through to the medical personnel who were at the scene with their ambulance to evacuate the dismembered body of the billionaire to the mortuary.

Chief Ignatius Odunukwe remains in Sac and put inside Ambulance.

The Police hereby advised members of the public that it’s very important to always tell your family and close friends where your going in case of emergency because IG informed his Lawyer about the meeting date and location so it was easy to determine his last location and also helpful during investigation.

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