Man Rapes Two Underage Sisters In Imo State

Imo State Police arrested a 23-year-old man named Uchenna Mbahotu, for defiling two underage girls who are siblings.

According to report, the perpetrator was staying in the same compound with the 11- and 9-year-old sisters he allegedly raped, said Orlando Ikeokwu, spokesman for the Imo State Police.

He has been respected by the parents of the girls according to sources, and he violated the confidence by allegedly sexually abussing the children. Ikeokwu, who said the suspect will be charged at the investigation’s conclusion, said Mbahotu took advantage of his familiarity with the victims to defile them.

The suspect was arrested according to him by Orji Police Divisional Headquarters personnel.

Coming from the PPRO, he wrote, “On May 13, 2020, based on a complaint from the mother of victims, the state’s Owerri North Local Government Area, Divisional Police Headquarters operatives, Orji, arrested one Uchenna Mbahotu who happen to be 23 year old.

“The complainant reported her two daughters, aged 11 and nine were defiled by the said Uchenna Mbahotu.

“She further said the perpetrator took advantage of the fact that her family allowed the children to come near to him as a neighbor next door to perpetrate the evil deed.

“Nonetheless, medical testing on both children showed that only one was defiled.”

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