Maj-General Akinjobi assumes Command as Nigerian Army’s GOC of 1 Division

Maj-General Akinjobi assumes Command as Nigerian Army’s GOC of 1 Division

Major General Olufemi Akinjobi has officially taken over as the 40th General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 1 Division, Nigerian Army.

The Major General has promised to continue building on the successes achieved by his predecessor in the fight against terrorists and bandits.

The change in leadership was announced on Friday at the headquarters of the Division in Kaduna, where Major General Akinjobi took over the command of the Premier Division of the Nigerian Army from Major General Taoreed Lagbaja.

During his speech, the new GOC commended the former GOC for his remarkable achievements while serving as the GOC and Theatre Commander Operation Whirl Punch.

“His success is also the success of all of us seated here and all our trips in the field. I want to thank you. We will continue to work together for success. We will also be counting on your support as the new Chief of Operations.

“General Lagbaja is a qualified Infantry General, a seasoned fighter and one who has done us proud in various theatre of opposition across the country. I am very proud of you, indeed the Nigerian Army is proud of you,” he said.

Major General Lagbaja, on his part, praised the new GOC as a seasoned officer who possesses a comprehensive understanding of the 1 Division Area of Responsibility (AoR).

However, he urged the officers and soldiers of the Division to extend the same loyalty and cooperation they had given to him to the new GOC.

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