It’s Weekend Again, What Will You Be Doing?


Here comes another beautiful Saturday. So what will you be doing this weekend?

Weekend is usually an exciting day to look forward to. People have different schedules on Saturday and even on Sunday. It shouldn’t be a time to waste, this should be the perfect time to get things done. To put simply, you should be productive enough.

During the week, you are probably engaged with other activities – your work or business. For those on 9-5 jobs, do not perceive weekend to be a period to be idle. This could a perfect time to start your side business, acquire that skill or do something meaningful.

In other words, weekend shouldn’t just be a time to power- down. Use the time you have to yourself wisely, and get a head start on everyone else

Here are a few things to do to make most out of your weekend.

Make Plans: It is important to usually have an idea of what your weekend is going to look like. You can decide during the week exactly what it is you’re aiming to do at the weekend.

Meet Up With Your Friends: There are friends that worth paying a visit. You don’t need to have too many friends, you just need one or two loyal friends who understands the true meaning of friendship.

Meeting up with them on a weekend isn’t a bad idea. It is an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm.

Read: Immerse yourself with fresh ideas. Read fiction and non fiction books. When you stop reading, your knowledge bank remains static. When you read, you transform your mind.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol: Funny enough, most people set out weekend to be the time to swim in the ocean of alcoholism. That’s wrong. It’s not an bad idea either to consume a little.

Avoid Routine: Stop doing the same thing over and over again. Let all your weekend be different. If you watched a movie last weekend, do another thing entirely different this weekend.

Learn A Skill: In as much as you have internet connection, then, you are good to go. Just go on Youtube and type those keywords – I mean that interesting topic you want to know about. Be dedicated to it, don’t just waste your data.

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