How Timaya Damaged My Car, Knocked Me Down -Hit-and-run Victim


How Timaya Damaged My Car, Knocked Me Down -Hit-and-run Victim

Damilola Osinubi, the lady who was involved in a hit-and-run accident with musician Timaya, has shared her side of the story.

Osinubi, who landed in the hospital after the accident said that Timaya was driving against the traffic in a green G-wagon when he hit her vehicle on the driver’s side and refused to stop until he was held up in traffic.

She claimed that it gave her the opportunity to go knock on his door.

She said Timaya wasn’t remorseful about his actions and used expletives on her while asking for her number, which she refused to give him.

“He then rolled up again and I thought he wanted to park well to come down and see the damage he has caused. Then I wanted to turn to the other side right in front of his G wagon, then the so-called celebrity zoomed off with his G wagon by knocking me down.

“Not only that, he dragged me on the road while I sustained injuries on my face, my two knees, my right hand, all my acrylics nails forcefully pull off. Before I knew it, he ran away leaving me in my pool of blood,” she said.


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