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[EXCLUSIVE] How 16 Years-Old Monsurat Hit by Nigeria Police Stray Bullet, Died in Lagos

[EXCLUSIVE] How 16 Years-Old Monsurat Hit by Nigeria Police Stray Bullet, Died in Lagos

It was a sad day on Friday, 10th September, 2021, at about 11:30pm, where Officers of the Nigeria Police Panti, in a sting operation descended on Mogaji street, Aguda, Surulere area of lagos.

According to a reports by a family friend and eyewitness during a phone interview with LagosspyNG correspondent, and pleaded to be anonymous;

He narrated that 16 years old Monsurat recently gained admission to the University of Lagos, and scheduled to resume on campus in few weeks, before she was hit by stray bullet during the unfortunate raid by the officers from Panti Police on Friday.

Monsurat was said to be waiting for her elder brother who had called her to come open the house gate wherein she had open the gate, while standing outside, waiting for her brother to drive in, suddenly she noticed people running randomly, from a spot where they sell noodles, which is close to her house, then followed by sporadic sound of gunshot reign in the air.

Some of the customers eating noodles was said to have made entry into her house gate which was wide open, then a stray bullet hit Monsurat on the left side of her chest, where she immediately fell to the ground, and died on the spot.

Neighbors and passerby came to her rescue immediately, with first aid to resuscitate her but she gave up the ghost almost immediately.

The Nigeria Police Force officers was reported to have disappeared into thin air immediately they observed the lifeless body of Monsurat laying right in front of her house.

The family and friends then proceed to the Ijesha Police Station to officially report the death of Monsurat by stray bullet by officers from the Panti Police but they were reported to have denied the raiding, as it was not officers from its jurisdiction that perpetuated the raid.

LagosspyNG correspondent reach out to the Lagos State Police Command Public Relations Officer CSP Ajisebutu, to inquire about the Police action on the death of Monsurat;

“I will get back to you, soon after being properly briefed.” CSP Ajisebutu said.

A Facebook user named Con Sigliere also narrated the moments, how and when Monsurat life was cut down, in her prime by men in uniform.

“This happened right under my nose at mogaji bus stop of Pako Aguda,in Ijeshatedo area of Lagos State Nigeria; on Friday the 10th of September, 2021 at some minutes past 11:30pm.

“Policemen from Panti stormed the area in their usual fashion conducting an unwarranted “raiding” operation. This girl was shot right in front of her house 😢

“I hate this country with every ounce of my being.

“Everyday I wake up here,saddens me even the more!!!

“A country where we fear the police for security reasons.

“Where policemen will illegally arrest you and follow you to an ATM where you can withdraw cash to “bail” yourself.

“Another life cut short by trigger happy policemen!Another extra judicial killing,worthy of no Justice but a mere hash tag and a media outcry that will fade away in a matter of days.

“Your death breaks my heart☹️
“But you had it coming.

“From the day you were born a Nigerian, your demise was accelerated by supersonic speed.

“To be born a Nigerian is to be ill fated.

“We will trend your death,with hash tags demanding for justice to be served. It’s what we do.

“But trust me it won’t last. We have more pressing concerns in dire need of attending to like Tonto Dikeh’s relationship brouhaha and leaked audios of Annie Idibia’ s rage over her philandering Husband, not to mention our “god” given civic responsibility to ensure that we keep our favourite BBN housemate in the house while evicting the likes of Boma and Tega for desecrating our high moral standards, upon which the progress of our great nation depends.

“Such are our concerns!

“We can beat up and strip a cross dresser naked on the streets of Lagos, or set a gay person ablaze cos we are a morally upright people,but when it comes to demanding for an accountable government that serves the interest of the people, we remember “Hakunamatata” or we will just leave things in the “hands of god” while we await the next trigger happy policeman to do his thing and the whole cycle will repeat itself as usual….

“RIP dear Monsura!
“I hope death treats you fairly than Nigeria ever did😔.” Con Sigliere Concluded.

The family and friends of the deceased hereby call on human rights advocates and concerned Nigerians to seek justice for the untimely death of their daughter whose life was snatched in her prime, as the untimely deaths of youths is becoming one too many in the hands of the Officers of the Nigeria Police Force.

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