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Coronavirus: Lagos Assures of Preparedness At The Grassroots Level

…No Need For Panic-DG LASEMA, Oke-Osanyintolu

The Lagos State Government has continued to reassure citizens and residents of the State on its preparedness for any eventuality relating to the wide spread coronavirus.

In a statement obtained by, the CEO of Lagos  State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) Dr. Olufemi Damilola Oke-Osanyintolu explained that the Agency has been at the vanguard of the preparedness and response mechanisms for COVID-19 “Corona Virus”.

He said, as a proactive government with best intents for its citizens and residents, at the outbreak of the disease, and before arrival of the index case, LASEMA in collaboration with the State’s Primary Health Care Board, had trained 342 medical personnel across the 20 LGAs and 37 LCDAs.

Since then, the agency under directives of Governor Babajide Sanwo–Olu, has identified and trained 5 first responders within the State’s Early Warning System at Grassroots level at each of the 57 LCDAs and LGAs for a defined escalation system, just as it trained the Ambulance and Call Centre Agents in identifying symptoms with a direct access to the EOC across the State.

Speaking, DG/CEO of LASEMA, Dr Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu who stated that there was “No Need For Panic”, reiterated the Agency’s state of readiness when he said; “The Agency remains committed to supporting the Ministry of Health with its resources such as Ambulance and paramedic support with appropriate safety protocols for the movement of suspected and, or confirmed cases.

“In line with best practice, agency personnel are working on advice and information for advocacy”.

He listed a reminder that those who have the following indications should contact the identified helplines as well as the State’s emergency numbers.

These he said include;
• Fever or symptoms of respiratory illness (e.g., cough or shortness of breath) in someone who’s had close contact with another person with a positive COVID-19 test result.

• Fever and symptoms of respiratory illness severe enough to require hospitalization in someone who traveled to a country with widespread or sustained community transmission of COVID-19.

• Fever and severe pneumonia requiring hospitalization without an alternative explanatory diagnosis (such as the flu)

As part of the State’s preparedness, Dr. Oke-Osanyintolu stated that the Action Plan drawn up identified testing locations and established clear routes and action plan for retrieval of self reported cases for testing and infection controls using the previously developed Ebola crisis management plan.

He submitted on a final note that, “We will be upgrading the protective gear and decontamination protocols for all our personnel.

“We remain on standby to support all responders across stakeholder agencies”.


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