Chidi Mokeme, Kate Henshaw’s Kiss Excites Fans


Chidi Mokeme, Kate Henshaw’s Kiss Excites Fans

Fans of Nollywood veterans, Chidi Mokeme and Kate Henshaw, have expressed excitement after the duo shared a kiss upon their reunion.

Mokeme shared a video of himself and the actress as the latter jumped on him, gave him a hug, and locked her lips with his.

Their act caused excitement from their fans who hailed the duo for their ‘friendship.’

An Instagram user, #abistles, commented, “I was smiling and blushing all through. You can feel the love, it’s genuine.”

Another fan, #seleye_fubara, said, “Cheers to huggers and kissers association. There are some people you love so much, you just have to kiss them. Kiss the people you love and never stop telling them you love them, every chance you get.”

“Is it that when friendship lasts for long, they start kissing or what? I just want to understand,” #soarluxurycars questioned.


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