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Building A House At 65 Is Not A Testimony – Apostle Joshua Selman

Building A House At 65 Is Not A Testimony – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder and Senior Pastor of the Eternity Network International, is regarded as one of Nigeria’s most powerful ministers of God. He recently stated in one of his sermons that one of the greatest difficulties humans face is a delay.

While talking about delay, the man of God sends message to people who are up to 65 years and are just building a house.

He said that if you are building a house at 65, it is not a testimony.

The man of God revealed that he did not mean to provoke anyone but he’s very serious about that statement.

He said that he is provoking them because they need to settle some things once and for all.

Though it is true that fingers are not equal but building a house at the age of 65 is not a testimony. You should have been settled by then.

Finally he said, God is ready to change your story and remove delay from your life. Things you need to do very early in life, he will give you the Grace to do it then. But you need to know how to pray and get the direct anointing from God.


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