Buhari, APC Have Failed Nigerians, Made The Country Backward – Adamu Garba


Buhari, APC Have Failed Nigerians, Made The Country Backward – Adamu Garba

A 2023 presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has lashed out at the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, describing it as a failure.

Adamu submitted that President Buhari, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) snd all those working with him have failed Nigerians and plunged the country into greater problem than when they took over power in 2015.

He said they have become so disconnected from the people and the citizens now suffer poverty, economic hardship, insecurity and depression while the ruling class spend public money lavishly.

“Buhari and everything that has to do with the APC have failed Nigerians. All of them! I don’t want to solely blame the president because he has a cabinet, ministers, members of the executive and legislative members. He has so many members of the party that are all moving along with him.

“That establishment that has become so elitist, cynical and undemocratic has failed the system.

“They place less value on human lives, the economy has gone worse and food inflation keeps getting higher. One of the biggest mistakes was closing our land borders, where food was being brought in. People fell into depression and poverty. Bandits also came in with guns and brought destruction to our land. When you look at the whole arrangement, you will agree with me that Buhari has failed economically, physically and socially.

We are completely backward. All these small amenities and infrastructure we are talking about are Chinese investments. When you build rails using Chinese money, it means you have Chinese rails in your territory,” Adamu said during an interview with Punch.

The former APC chieftain added that the condition and agreement to secure the Chinese loans by the incumbent administration is totally wrong.

He alleged that the loans are tied to Nigeria’s sovereign assets and if the country fails in repayment, the Chinese can invade the country to secure their money.

“We always make the mistake of looking at loans to build infrastructure in the country. The United States and the West’s loan prepayment is tied to sovereign wealth while China is tied to sovereign assets. It means that for them (China) to invest in that particular asset, they must own it first, run it and give back when they recover their money.

“So technically, we are riding on Chinese trains and roads in Nigeria. Should we default, China has to invade this country to secure their money. This is very risky. We shouldn’t celebrate mediocrity. This is not the Nigeria that we dreamt of,” he said.

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