AAC Blasts Sanwo-Olu for Imposing Ban on Okada


The Lagos State chapter of the African Action Congress has kicked against the decision of the Lagos State Government to impose ban on commercial motorcycle riders.

The party in a statement signed on Monday by its Publicity Secretary, Elias Ozikpu, said the policy was a sign of failed leadership.

The statement reads in part, “The recent ban placed on motorcyclists and tricycle operators is not only cruel, it is sheer wickedness and an attempt to frustrate Lagosians who struggle on a daily basis to make a legitimate living.

“It is a crying shame that a government that has failed so woefully and so disastrously to create job opportunities for its people can resort to destroy the source of livelihood that the people created for themselves.

“Our party is also aware that Mr Sanwo-Olu’s animus is not towards motorcyclists and tricyclists alone, petty traders in the state have had their wares snatched and shared by rogue Lagos State law enforcement agents. The so-called enforcement has turned into a robbery operation executed on a daily basis by the agents of the state.

“The recent ban on motorcyclists and tricyclists is so severe that Lagosians going to their places of work have had to cover long distances by foot in areas where commercial buses do not operate. So alarming is the situation that commercial buses have taken advantage of Sanwo-Olu’s ill-advised ban by tripling their fares.

“It is now clear to everyone who is willing to see that the anti-people policies of the APC regime at the federal level is a mark of identification that must be seen in states governed by this villainous and insensitive political party whose overall objective is to obliterate Nigerians and have them drowned in the ocean of penury.”

The party called on Sanwo-Olu to effect an immediate reversal of the policy to ease the sufferings of Nigerians.

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