Why I fear my mother at 37 —Toke Makinwa


Why I fear my mother at 37 —Toke Makinwa

Media personality, Toke Makinwa, has disclosed that she still gets scared of her mother despite being 37 years old.

According to Makinwa, she gets scared whenever her mother visits her house unannounced.

She wrote, “You are never too old to fear your African mother. Tell me why in my 37 years of age, my mother shows up to my house unannounced and I’m spraying everywhere cos I had guests over and some smoked some pot. if she catches a whiff of it, I may not be alive to gist you all o.”

“You’ll be paying your own bills and be in your big age, but the fear of your parents is still real.

“Bruhhhh, I’m like what if I had a special someone that stayed over??? You cannot just wake up and show up at my house, Mother.


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