Unveiling of the Book, Treasure In Your Thrash

Depression kills but TeeHighInspires popularly called The PAIN DOCTOR, has found a cure for depression and varieties of life threatening challenges buried in a book; it titled, TREASURE IN YOUR TRASH.


In the league of Nigerian youth, where the statistics of youth who engage in crime continue to nose dive astronomically, a Nigeria pace setter writer Tosin Imhogiemhe, Author of multiple award winning and Amazon featured book ‘Pain Is A Gift’ recently birth another quintessential and popular demand therapy book titled, ‘Treasure In Your Thrash’, in Lagos.


Tosin Imhogiemhe popularly called the Pain Doctor unveiled the lunching of his new book where he reiterated that, this is not just a book, but a CURE for depression and HEALING balm to the soul.

Depression kills but TeeHighInspires popularly called The PAIN DOCTOR, has found a cure for depression and varieties of life threatening challenges buried in a book; it titled, TREASURE IN YOUR TRASH.

The book lunch had in attendant, front line speakers while they made sterling book review of the newly unveiled book and author.

Imhogiemhe noted that; since the dawn of humanity, mankind continuously strive to conquer the world, churning out one feat after the other that the Guinness Book of World Records is replete with all kinds of records, set and broken over and over again, in all fields of endeavor.

On the contrary, the breaking news is that man struggles to conquer himself. In fact, his effort to win the battle of the mind wanes.

Appallingly, the paradox of our time is that we have more degrees but less sense; more experts but fewer solutions, making it seem that for every step we take forward, we unconsciously take two backward.

After all, the mental health of mankind has never been as alarming as it is now with the World Health Organization indicating that yearly, over 800,000 people die by suicide globally.

To break this down for you, this means that every 40 seconds, someone somewhere in the world commits suicide. If you do the math, by the time you are done reading this book, thousands of people would have thrown in the towel, worse of all is, the numbers keep piling up.

While we can put a figure to the depression and suicide rates, what we can’t ascertain is the number of people who are actually in despair. Believe me; it’s beyond your wildest imagination and this is our major problem which poses the question:

“Why will someone want to take his life in the first place? Why do people give up on their dreams and aspirations?”

“Truth is, when people are broken by life’s non-negotiable circumstances, they begin to feel like trash, believing that nothing good can erupt from their lives, thus, giving up on themselves, failing to understand the fact that their situations do not sum up their lives.

“Yes, you may be crushed at certain moments and feel like trash but still, that doesn’t make you useless. A friend of mine, Doyin Ogunye, practically hunts what most people call waste for recycling purposes because she understands that there’s still immense value in it.

“When the Nigerian economy was nose-diving, she led the front line, turning trash into cash. So, if gold which is mostly found in dirt still retains its value, then regardless of what life throws at you, your potential remains intact and invaluable. It is this indomitable element of our potential that forms the core ideology of this book.

“But do you know the world’s greatest lie? According to Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian novelist, it’s this: “At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.”

Nothing can be further from the truth. Alas, this crippling belief that we are at the mercy of fate has caused many people to live in fear and despair and when these unforeseen circumstances finally arise, they lose their nerve and refrain from fighting, believing that it is pointless. Worst still, is that some go-ahead to end their lives. How sad!

Make no mistake about it; ‘trash’ periods are inescapable. I mean, moments of pain, afflictions, and tragedies. Nevertheless, with the right attitude and mental resilience, who says you cannot weather the storm if you do not abandon yourself to circumstances?

You have an unconquerable soul but the problem is that you don’t know it yet. And just because you don’t, doesn’t mean that it does not exist.

“Asides from my painstaking research in psychology and neuroscience, this book is written with the principle of learning from the past, because by examining yesterday’s challenges, we can best ensure not just the success of today, but also that of the future.” Imhogiemhe said.

For this reason, stories of people of different experiences, eras, races, and cultures who attained great heights despite their horrific experiences (whether circumstantial or self-inflicted) are encompassed in this book with each life lesson drawn to inspire you to follow suit.

In the end, my goal is to ingrain one simple truth in your mind: you are insurmountable. However, with great power comes great responsibility, meaning that you have to make one of two choices: either to accept your conditions as they exist or to take the responsibility for changing them.

In any case, it is never too late to turn your trash into treasure because the last chapter of your life is yet to be written.

No wonder the Chinese say, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. But the second-best time is now.” Simply put, the past is past, the present is here and the future is now yours to write.

Depression is REAL, and the CURE is buried in the book. According to a Polish proverb, “Even a dead clock is right twice a day.” While he concluded saying, a broken crayon, still colors.

The Author, Tosin Imhogiemhe can be reached via is various social media handle listed below:

Facebook/Linkedin/YouTube: Tosin Imhogiemhe TI
Twitter & IG: @tiinspires
Email: teehighinspires@gmail.com
Blog: www.tiinspires.com/blog

Or buy the book via this link

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