PR Practitioners, Scholars Lauds Birth Of 1st African PR & IMC Journal


PR Practitioners, Scholars Lauds Birth Of 1st African PR & IMC Journal

PR veterans and practitioners were part of the launch of the new authentic, insightful, Practical knowledge based PR magazine titled ‘The Journal of Impactful Communication (TJIC).’

This is the first PR & Integrated Marketing communication industry practical knowledge based magazine in Africa. Unlike most other magazines which focus on PR news, TJIC primary focus is geared toward enhancing PR practitioners’ effectiveness, creativity and innovativeness in service delivery, sharpening and retooling the skill set of PR professionals in the Public service and enhancing the teaching of PR and Integrated Marketing Communication in the Tertiary Institution by providing PR Scholars with current knowledge, case studies and researches in the PR and Integrated Marketing Communication industry.

Commenting on the launched E-magazine, Princess Olatokunbo Ajala-Ekundayo (Fnipr, rpa), a veteran PR & Advertising Practitioner remarked, “The Journal of TSIC featured various Professionals incisive write-ups from very experienced and Senior PR professionals who wrote about their various industry experiences in practical terms.

I believe these articles from the industry veterans and astute practitioners would help Practitioners becomes better at what they do as well as enlightening and educating up and coming industry professionals on what PR & Integrated marketing communications entails in practice.”

Answering the question whether this new journal will bring forth new ideas and home grown theorizes. The Dean of the School of Impactful Communication, Ishola Ayodele said that what inspired the Journal was actually the desire to bridge the gap between the gown and the town.

Hence, the major purpose of the Journal of Impactful Communication is to connect researchers to practitioners in order to create new ideas and theories that will best solve the PR challenges we face in Africa.

A Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, regarded as the teacher of teachers in the PR & IMC industry, Peter Oyeneye PhD added, “The synergy between the gown and town must be encouraged to move our profession and nation forward.

Theoretical ideas of the tertiary institutions are a waste if they are not tested or applied. I’m excited that this Journal will help in a big way to put theoretical ideas to practice. The Institute, our clients and the nation at large will greatly benefit from this effort.

In addition, PR students and budding practitioners will have a material to always rely on for professionalism and excellence.

Putting the Journal of Impactful Communication together is a very crucial and demanding assignment as this Journal is not a child’s play or a day’s job.

If we are going to keep it running, our Dean, Contributors and other stakeholders must roll up their sleeves and get down to work seriously.

And While unveiling the Magazine the multiple global PR award winner Yushua. A. Shuaib, Fnipr (Owner of the popular site congratulated the Dean and all members of TSIC on the birth of the professional publication.

He added, “From some of the titles I can see that it fall into combined categories: scholarly, trade publications and which I hope it will soon be popular as well.

I hope it will promote the interests of public relations practitioners and enhance the practice of PR in the country. I am proud to state categorically that TSIC today represents all segment of IMC practitioners in the country as the largest online forum of PR professionals in the public and private sectors.

In her closing remark, A veteran PR professional and Former Liaison Officer to two Consecutive Senate Presidents Mrs Hajia Rabi Muhammed (Fnipr) said, “Indeed, beyond being at the mosque for prayers in this special month of Ramadan, the second best place for me to have been has been this event. Putting this intellectual material together is no mean feat.

You will all agree with me that it takes a lot of resilience, concentration and total commitment to produce a material like this in the midst of prevailing distractions in our society today. I personally rise in ovation for what the effort has produced.

I crave your indulgence to sound a note of advice to our able Dean and the faces behind the mask to please keep the flame aglow and I have no doubt at all in my mind that with God Almighty on their side, the best is yet to been seen”.

The Journal of Impactful Communication (TJIC) is a publication of the School of Impactful Communication (TSIC) which is chaired by the multiple awarding PR Expert, Ishola Ayodele.

The School of Impactful Communication is a virtual school which uses modern technology to deploy high quality, Insightful and thought provoking learning experience.

It is a citadel of Knowledge where PR Professionals, Practitioners, and scholars exchange valuable knowledge, practical experience, insightful submissions & thought provoking ideas weekly for the purpose of sharpening and retooling the competence and effectiveness of professionals in the public relations profession and Integrated Marketing Communication Practice.

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