Pastor Dies Attempting to Recreate Jesus’ 40-Day Fast


Pastor Dies Attempting to Recreate Jesus’ 40-Day Fast

A pastor in Mozambique, Francisco Barajah, has died after attempting to fast for 40 days like Jesus was said to have done after his baptism, according to a report shared on Thursday.

Barajah, who founded the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church in the central province of Manica, was unable to stand, bathe or walk by the end of his fast, Noticias Online reports.

He passed away at the hospital in the city of Beira on Wednesday.

Relatives and friends became concerned about Barajah’s health as he visibly deteriorated, ultimately deciding to intervene in his fatal act of faith.

A local report of Barajah’s attempt to recreate the fast said he was foregoing water as well as food. The pastor, who also worked as a French school teacher, was said to have developed “severe anaemia,” had internal organ damage and was unable to digest food.

It adds that one of Barajah’s neighbours said the clergyman had become sick on the 25th day of his fast, but that his health became much worse on the 38th day. Medics reportedly attempted to rehydrate and nourish Barajah with liquid foods, but to no avail. His followers were said to be unsurprised by the news of his death after seeing his extreme weight loss.


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