Dr Femi Optimal Care Responds To Sexual Allegations Before Justice Oshodi


Dr Femi Optimal Care Responds To Sexual Allegations Before Justice Oshodi

The alleged Medical Director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, Dr Femi Olaleye who was alleged to be invoked in sexual assaults and defilement of its patient, hires SAN to defend its course in court for his arraignment on sexual assault allegations on Monday 21, Nov 2022.

The SAN Mr. Babatunde Ogala, one of the two senior lawyers (SAN) that represented the Defendent apologized on behalf of his client for his absence in court, says he was out of town at the time they issued the letter to his office.

Mr Ogala having apologized before Justice Rahmon Oshodi of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court, Ikeja, Lagos State for his client’s absence also argued that his client was not properly served, but ready to receive the process on his behalf.

In his ruling, Justice Oshodi adjourned till Nov 30, for possible arraignment.

According to reports, Dr Femi traveled outside Lagos to carry out medical outreach intervention program in his hometown of Ada, Osun State tagged “Ada Health Day 2022” when the arraignment letter dated November 17, was delivered at his office.

Journalist reached out to Dr Femi Olaleye to get his views on the development, below is his statement with regards to the foregoing trends;

“Dear Friends/Partners/Colleagues,

“You must have heard that my name and organization are in the news and social media for all the wrong reasons.

“Further to my last message with regards to the social media reports on a false allegation, it seems like I had underestimated the situation and thought it was a domestic issue being weaponized by my wife and those who are encouraging her to destroy our home.

“But now that it’s out there on social media and beyond, my person, my work and my corporate/individual partnerships and friendships are being threatened by this baseless and false allegations.

“Like I had earlier mentioned, this regrettable situation has been ongoing since Nov 2021.

“I was towing the path of peace and reconciliation in an attempt to save the marriage which had been bedeviled with one crisis or the other over the past 11 years.

“I have now decided to fight against the false and malicious allegations and of course, what now looks like a set-up/blackmail.

“This matter is receiving the attention of relevant authorities and I shall let you know the outcome of investigations by the Authorities.

“While I eagerly await my exoneration from this wicked and malicious accusation, I think it’s only prudent to stay calm and focused on defending myself in court.


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