Burna Boy had effrontery to curse fans that paid for his show, Nigerians reactL


Burna Boy had effrontery to curse fans that paid for his show, Nigerians react


Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to Singer, Burna Boy’s failure to show up on time at his show in Lagos.

The singer, who was expected on stage on Sunday, didn’t show up until early Monday morning, after which he went on a tirade against his fans for falsely accusing him of shooting someone at a nightclub in Lagos and that his mother used to dance for Fela.

A tweep, @JoeyAkan wrote, “Burna Boy to White People: “My Africans are suffering. Dance to my music, brand me a reformer and reward me financially. Burna Boy to the suffering Africans: “God punish una.”

@Vibes_doctor also wrote, “Imagine what burna boy had to say. Zero apologies. He really thinks the concert was a favor to Nigerians.”

Another tweep, @ade_adeayo tweeted, “The situation on ground. Almost 2AM and Burna Boy’s concert is basically yet to start. Some people have been around since 9PM. For an artiste with the highest level of international exposure, this is beyond terrible and unprofessional.”

How much did you guys pay to hear Burna Boy say God will punish you people on the first day of 2023? @wakawaka_doctor wrote.

@unpr3dictabl3K also tweeted, “Not sure when these Artists & Organisers will learn to respect our precious time. 2:03 AM and no Burna Boy on sight. No supporting act. Even the DJ seems as tired as everyone else. Didn’t know we were in for a full Night Vigil.”

Lastly, Olamide0fficial tweeted, “Burna Boy called Nigerians “Unprogressive fools”. After coming late for his show, he still had the effrontery to say God go punish people that paid for it. This same man will still come here to sing about oppression/oppressors when he’s no different from the people he criticized.”

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