APC calls for cancellation of election in Ebonyi.


APC calls for cancellation of election in Ebonyi.

The All Progressives Congress in Ebonyi State has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to cancel the results of Saturday’s National Assembly elections in five local government areas in the State as they reject the outcome.

The Chairman of the party in the state, Chief Stanley Okoro-Emegha, disclosed his party’s position during a press conference at the old government house on Monday.

The affected local government areas include; Afikpo North, Ezza North, Ivo, Onicha, and Ohaukwu Local government areas of Ebonyi State.

Emegha alleged that the party has evidence of irregularities perpetrated by some opposition parties to deliberately void votes cast in favour of the Party.

He further alleged widespread irregularities, including thumbing-printing of ballot papers, harassment of party agents, and violence against party members which led to the killing of its agent in Izzi LGA of Ebonyi.

Emegha revealed that the Party has raised a petition to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) resident electoral commissioner in the State over the issues, urging the commission to order a forensic examination of the ballot papers and other voting materials from the affected areas.

‘We got a clear information that what they were doing there was to bring out ballot papers I’m favour of our party, the APC, and double the fingerprints in order to void them.

‘This they did in connivance with the security agencies. I bet you if you can do a forensic examination of the double thumbprints, you will discover the variations. We decided not to be confrontational but to write to INEC about the cancellation of results in such areas.
“Such things also happened at Ezza North, Ohaukwu, and Ivo Local government areas of the State.

“There was also manipulation through the diversion of voting materials to secret locations for thumb printing by the opposition against the party.

“All these are not acceptable to us. And all these are some in connivance with the police, the security agencies that are supposed to assist Me.President in giving Nigerians credible elections,” he stated.


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