ALX Africa Partners Lagos Employment Trust Fund and Nigeria Bar Association to Empower Nigeria Youth with Upgraded IT Skills

ALX Africa Partners Lagos Employment Trust Fund and Nigeria Bar Association to Empower Nigeria Youth with Upgraded IT Skills


Leading Africa advanced technology innovative company, ALX Africa, continue to set the pace in the Nigeria technology industry space, in a bid to ensure affordability and inclusiveness to empower Nigeria youths with upgraded information technology skill capacity, the company announced its strategic partnerships with Lagos State Employment Trust Fund LSETF and Nigerian Bar Association NBA at the ALX Costain Hub, in Lagos while student and graduates who have had the opportunity of being mentored through its various tech course programmes also highlighted their success story with testimonials.

During the just concluded ALX Nigeria media briefing on Friday, February 9th, 2024, at ALX Costain Hub, ITF (Industrial Training Fund) Lagos, ALX Africa announced their strategic partnerships with Lagos State Employment Trust Fund and Nigerian Bar Association at its tech hub, where it highlighted the profound impact of its tech courses on the lives of their learners and fellows (graduates). The event served as a platform to share inspiring success stories and testimonials from individuals who have benefited from ALX’s innovative programmes.

According to a testimonial by Nduchekwe Ezekiel, an ALX learner, he expressed his gratitude for the transformative experience he gained through the tech courses. “I joined ALX with a passion to explore the possibilities available in cloud computing technology and ALX did not only give me the skills to make my dreams possible, but they also helped me channel this passion appropriately. Their mantra of ‘Do Hard Things’ encourages us as learners to take full advantage of the learning experience. We are encouraged to ask questions and of course, the community is always there to support.”

Another testimonial at the event by Oluwatosin Mogbadunade, who is an ALX Fellow and CEO, Planned Path Consult, shared her journey from being a learner at ALX to achieving significant milestones in her career. “ALX has given me the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitude I need, not just in my tech career, but in life. With ALX you are taught not just to know what to do, but how to do it. As a result of my journey with ALX, I have been able to use data in my business as an entrepreneur to make informed decisions. ALX is also big on community, and I have been able to build lasting relationships that have helped me move forward in the achievement of my goals.”

The Country General Manager Ruby Igwe, ALX Nigeria reiterated that “ALX Nigeria’s tech courses are high quality and up to date, designed to keep up with the evolving demands of the tech industry.

“With a variety of course offerings such as Artificial Intelligence Career Essentials (AiCE), Software Engineering, Data Science, AWS Cloud Engineering, Salesforce Administration, and many more, ALX learners are equipped with the skills, mindset, and network needed to succeed in the rapidly changing digital landscape.”

“We are thrilled to see the positive impact of our tech courses on the lives of our learners and graduates. At ALX, we are committed to empowering individuals with the tools and opportunities to thrive in the digital economy. The success stories shared today are a testament to the effectiveness of our approach and the dedication of our team”, she further stated.

In conclusion, ALX continues to play a pivotal role in driving innovation and talent development even beyond the Nigerian tech ecosystem. Through its comprehensive programmes and collaborative initiatives, it remains at the forefront of empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and shape the future of technology throughout Africa.

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